Brunello Cucinelli



Brunello Cucinelli OPERA

Irregularity and harmony intertwine in a simple and universal language. Any hand-crafted creation takes on a life of its own if it is infused with eternal values: dignity, peacefulness, passion, love for Beauty.


Inspiration is the fruit of tradition, passion for research and innovative creativity. All of these callings are essential to the creation of an Opera, when different materials – representing the wealth of the world – are skillfully given shape and form.

The creation of a single OPERA sweater, entirely hand-knitted, requires more than 30 hours of hard work. Every garment features 9 yarns of unique composition, diameter and color, which can only be woven together by hand. The colors, inspired by the tones of the Earth and by the Umbrian culture, give life to a timeless geometric pattern enhanced by dazzling and three-dimensional effects. Photos • courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli •



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