Massimo Palomba



Beautiful things create joy.

It's our idea and our dream.

The joy of creating beautiful things and the joy of looking, touching and eventually owning them.

This is the real passion which is moving us everyday in our project. Massimo Palomba



Designers Massimo Palomba & Eva Würth are a couple in work and life and come from different individual experience in fashion design. Massimo learned the art of leather working in an atelier of artisans in Tuscany and then he started his own adventure in the world of fashion. Eva collaborated as pattern maker for various designers, even designing her own collection.

The Massimo Palomba Brand

create objects meant to last in time, overcoming short lived fashion trends. Each piece is fully handmade in Italy. They work with vegetable tanned leather which is the most traditional tanning method, natural and environmentally friendly. The result is an everlasting leather, soft at the touch with an inimitable warmness and a recognizable scent, which generates a natural comfortable feeling. Buckles are casted in brass or bronze of their own design. Photos • courtesy of Massimo Paloma •



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